Lecturers, students and alumni involved in musical theater Vlogel

23 September 2022

VLOGEL is a story about seven-year-old Noeka and her critically ill daddy. We see them together in the big bed. With conversations about new mountain boots, the diorama, and where to stay when you're gone forever. And there are scenes with the disarming Vlogel, who turns out to have a nest in Nuka's belly.

Vlogel offers comfort and courage. Noeka regularly visits him in her feather belly. But we also see them tumbling through the air together. Looking for a place where Noeka could meet daddy when he's gone.

VLOGEL is a story about (wanting to) hold on and (have to) let go and about the importance of that strong, fragile imagination.

Text: Alice Zwolschen
Music: René Veen
Design: Sanne Puijk
Directed by: Nynke van den Bergh (Lecturer Acting Technique at Conservatorium Maastricht)
soprano: Bibi Ortjens (Alumni CM), tenor: Erik Slik, baritone: Jokke Martens
Ensemble: violin: Theo Carpentier (Student CM), (bass) clarinet: Gerard Romero Giralt (Student CM)
Cello: Heidur Bjarnadottir (student CM), piano: Michelle Lynne (Lecturer Your Art as a Business at CM)
Lighting design: Martin Jan Gaasbeek
Technique: Merijn Smals
For: 6+

16-10-2022, The Maaspoort, Venlo
06-11-2022, The Melting Pot, Maarheeze
13-11-2022, Toon Hermans Theater, Sittard

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