Post-Graduate Programme

Contract Education

You can also take selected subjects at Conservatorium Maastricht. We offer these in the form of contract education, for which you also need to take an audition or entrance examination. Instead of doing the full degree programme, you select only the subjects you want to do. You will be charged per lesson. Main subject lessons are charged at the teacher's hourly rate; the costs of subsidiary subjects are shared by the students taking that class. After completing your contract studies, you can ask for a certificate (not a diploma) stating the courses you have taken.

As a ‘post graduate programme’ student you are a not a regular student, and you are not allowed to take exams, or to graduate. Non-European contract students cannot apply for a student visum. You will receive a student card, and you have access to study rooms.

You can read more about the Jazz and Classical course descriptions here.
You can read more about the DoMu course descriptions here.

The ‘post graduate programme’ procedure:

You decide yourself which lessons you want, how many and by which teacher. Of course the teacher should agree and have the time to do it. The best way is to contact the teacher of your choice yourself. You can find the teachers on our website: The teacher can tell you how to prepare your audition. When you are accepted by the teacher(s), and you know how many lessons you want to take, you send an e-mail to either Pieter Jansen (Head of the Classical programme), Sigrid Paans (Head of the Jazz programme) or Felix Havenith (Head of the Music in Education programme). They will send you a concept contract; when it is signed lessons can start. If you are a contract student and you want to pay in 3 installments, you need to have signed the contract before 1 September. A contract study after 1 September is sometimes possible, but only if the full amount is settled in one single payment.

For more information, please send an e-mail to Pieter Jansen (Head of the Classical programme), Sigrid Paans (Head of the Jazz programme​​​​​​​) or Felix Havenith (Head of the Music in Education programme​​​​​​​).