!!Substantial reduction in tuition fees 2021-2022!!

Students will pay significantly lower tuition fees next academic year. This has been decided by the outgoing cabinet because of the backlogs in education caused by corona.
For students who pay the statutory tuition fees there will be a 50% reduction, for student who pay the institutional tuition fee there will be a reduction of 1000 euros.

Unfortunately, you cannot study for free. Nevertheless, there are lots of opportunities to fund all or part of your studies, both nationally and internationally. We have listed them for you. If you have any further questions or you want to apply for a scholarship, please do not hesitate to contact Nicole Lemmens (internationaloffice.arts@zuyd.nl) for an appointment at the International Office.

Tuition fees
In any case, you should be aware that - depending on your situation - students from the EU pay the annual statutory tuition fees, and non-EU/EEA students pay the institutional tuition fees. 

EU-students, attention!
From 2018-2019 on, first year students will pay half of the annual statutory tuition fees.
For Music in Eduction students this applies for the first two years of their study.
More info here.

Opportunities to fund all or part of your studies

  • Dutch students can apply for student finance with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science.
  • Students who have to pay the institutional tuition fees, (such as non-EU EU/EEA students) may be eligible for a Zuyd Excellence Scholarship. This is subject to certain conditions, however. Students must obtain at least 45 of the 60 ECTS each academic year in order to keep this scholarship, and spend five hours a month working as an ambassador for Conservatorium Maastricht. More information is available on the Zuyd scholarships. 
  • For students from outside the European Economic Area who want to do a Bachelor's or Master's degree in the Netherlands, the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science has set up the Holland Scholarship programme. You will find more information and the conditions on Zuyd International.
  • For Conservatorium students only: in order to support young talented musicians financially, Conservatorium Maastricht has set up the Conservatorium Maastricht Foundation (CMF). Friends of the CMF donate money to help talents like you get the most out of their studies. For more information and the conditions, click here.
  • The Staetshuys Fund offers financial support to young (under 31) classically trained singers for extra lessons, participation in competitions, masterclasses, travel and accommodation. You will find more information on their website.
  • Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds annually offers scholarships from € 1,000 to € 20,000 to excellent students with ambition, for talent in science, visual arts, theater, dance, film and music. With the Cultuurfondsbeurs they get the chance to literally broaden their horizons with a follow-up study or research abroad. Every year, around 150 students receive a Culture Fund grant. More information.
  • Educations.com is offering a €5000 scholarship to one ambitious Master’s student studying abroad in Europe in the fall of 2020. The scholarship will be awarded to an outstanding leader that is motivated to positively change the world. To prove their commitment to a vision of an interconnected and improved world, applicants are asked to submit a short essay that highlights how studying abroad will foster their growth as a leader. Prospective master’s-level students will have from April 8, 2019 until April 13, 2020 to submit their applications. The winner of the €5000 scholarship will be announced from June 1, 2020 and awarded in the fall of 2020. Find more information and start your application here.