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26 October 2023

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Carlo Marchione Awarded with 'A Life for the Guitar' Prize

11 October 2023

Henrieke Herber - Besides teaching Italian also translator and writer of children's books

10 October 2023


Anneke Uittenbosch

26 September 2023





Mikayel Voskanyan won the second prize at the Chieti Classica cello competition

11 September 2023

Xabier Lopez de Munain passed away

8 June 2023

Winner of the IB.SH JazzAward Ella Burkhardt!

1 June 2023

Sebastian Prince released his debut album "Prince"

14 May 2023

"I am Sebastian Prince. A singer-songwriter, master jazz vocal student of Conservatorium Maastricht, and influencer from Germany. My debut album, Prince, with 10 original songs, is available on all platforms now.
I also have a well-rehearsed set of approximately 75 minutes, accompanied by a live band."

Winner 21st Music Award Maastricht Nima Pournaghshband!

24 April 2023