IB.SH JazzAward: Ella Burkhardt

1 June 2023

Recent news

Sebastian Prince released his debut album "Prince"

14 May 2023

"I am Sebastian Prince. A singer-songwriter, master jazz vocal student of Conservatorium Maastricht, and influencer from Germany. My debut album, Prince, with 10 original songs, is available on all platforms now.
I also have a well-rehearsed set of approximately 75 minutes, accompanied by a live band."


Winner 21st Music Award Maastricht Nima Pournaghshband!

24 April 2023

Triana y Luca released their second single "Recuerdos de Tánger"

16 April 2023

“Recuerdos de Tánger” is the second original single release from Jazz student Luca Vaillancourt's project, "Triana y Luca". It is an intimate melancholic love song that blends harmonies inspired by boleros, Luca’s cuatro venezolano, and accompanied by Manuel Luque (alumni CM) on double bass and Gustavo Jaramillo (alumni CM) on trumpet. The song has a beautiful story set in Tangier, Morocco; it tells of how Triana’s great-grandmother threw dates down from her balcony to get a young man’s (her great grandfather) attention; and they fell in love. The song is a release from their upcoming debut EP "Fragmentos del Olvido" , which will be coming out this June 2023.

Generous donation for the music library of Conservatorium Maastricht

3 April 2023

Second Prize for Akari Bastiaens - Globe International Piano Competition Category B

17 March 2023

Congratulations to Akari Bastiaens who won Second Prize at the Globe International Piano Competition in Category B (10th till 12th March 2023). What a wonderful performance!

4 students won prizes during Concours Français de la harpe in Limoges

16 March 2023

Hon Ning Cheung winner of Dutch Guitar Foundation 3rd Composition Contest

3 March 2023

Joey Bormans won a temporary contract with the Duisburger Philharmoniker and with the Gustav Mahler Youth Orchestra

6 February 2023