Classical Music Programme

The Classical Music department, very international in its composition, is a close-knit community. We work towards one common goal: to let our students blossom, in an amicable atmosphere, into excellent musicians whose energy and creativity offer a valuable contribution to the international world of music and to society. Maastricht, where we are based, lies in the heart of Europe - the cradle of classical music.

Every year, enthusiastic and talented students apply to the Classical Music department of Conservatorium Maastricht. Making music is one of the most wonderful and fulfilling activities available to us. Music as a profession is a tough option: it takes more than talent or the gift of playing an instrument. It also requires skills such as curiosity, an active inquiring attitude and an artistic and social personality.

We focus on excelling together – this makes studying at Conservatorium Maastricht the right choice for many young, ambitious musicians. What will you choose?

UPDATE! Music theory education in Classical Department