Jazz Taster Days - Jazz

Fr. Romanusweg 90 - Maastricht

Are you a budding jazz artist wanting to develop yourself further as a Moving Musician? Then Conservatorium Maastricht’s bachelor and master programmes in Jazz Music are just for you! Register for the Taster Days and experience the programme through the eyes of a jazz student. 
During the Taster Days, you will be paired up with a jazz student and follow the lessons and events of the various study paths. Participating in lessons is the perfect way to get a good impression of the programme. Coming to our ‘Dependance’ building will also give you a good idea of the atmosphere, helping you decide if Jazz Music is really something for you. 
In academic year 2022-2023 we are organising 2 Taster Days. You have the option to follow one or both of them. For participation in a Taster Day, it is possible to ask for a leave of absence from your current institution. 

The Taster Days will take place on the following dates: 
Monday, January 23 2023 
Wednesday, January 25 2023 

The exact programmes will follow below in due course but can include: 
1-1 lessons 
Group (theory/practical) lessons 
Presentations from both the students and teachers 

Day Schedule – Monday, January 23 2023 
14:00-14:30 Welcome/Q&A with Irja Zeper (ROM 19bis) 
17:00-17:30 Q&A with Irja Zeper (ROM 19bis) 
(Observing) Main Subject Lessons
ROM 01 Arnoud Gerritse (percussion) 
ROM 02 Reiner Witzel (saxophone) 
ROM 04 Ron van Stratum (percussion) 
ROM 05 Matthias Nowak (double bass) 
ROM 06 Alexander Boerner (electric bass) 
ROM 10 Wolfgang Braun (composition) 
ROM 11 Susanne Schneider (vocals) 
ROM 13 Martin Schulte (guitar) 
ROM 14 Frank Giebels/Vadim Neselovskyi (piano) 
ROM 15 Joachim Schönecker (guitar) 
ROM 16 Esmée Bor (vocals) 
Critical Listening Programme (Zaal Wyck) 
14:30-15:45 Alexander Boerner - ‘The Music of Electric Bass Idol Jaco Pastorius’ 
15:45-17:00 Reiner Witzel - ‘The Evolution of Jazz & Groove from the 60s to the 90s’ 
17:00-18:15 Ron van Stratum - ‘Drums/Drummers in Fusion Music’ 
18:15-19:30 Esmée Bor - ‘Vocal Styles and Genres Derived from Jazz!’ 
Group Lessons 
14:00-15:30 Trombone section with Tim Daemen (ROM 03) 
17:10-18:50 Create & Perform with Wolfgang Braun (ROM 10) 
Closing Session 
 20:00-23:30 All-Star Jam Concert 
“Frank Giebels & friends” 
(Muziekgieterij Playground - Boschstraat 5) 

Day Schedule – Wednesday, January 25 2023 
14:00-14:30 Welcome/Q&A with Irja Zeper (ROM 19bis) 
17:00-17:30 Q&A with Luke Mitchell (Office 4) 
(Observing) Main Subject Lessons
ROM 04 Ron van Stratum (percussion) 
ROM 06 Rob Bruynen (trumpet) 
ROM 07 Nadine Nix (vocals) 
ROM 11 Sabine Kühlich (vocals) 
ROM 14 Frank Giebels (piano) 
Studio Frederik Tings (electronic music production) 
ROM 20 Eran Har Even (guitar) 14:20-16:40 
Group Lessons 
14:30-16:30 Composition Lab with Jesse Passenier (ROM 19) 
14:50-15:50 Music History with Mario Calzada (ROM 16) 
15:05-16:45 Modern Voicings in Arranging with Leon Lhoest (ROM 18) 
16:45-18:00 CLIC Frederik Tings - ‘Technology at the Frontier of Musical Development’ (ROM 20)
17:00-19:00 Composition Lab with Jesse Passenier (ROM 19) 
18:00-19:15 CLIC Mario Calzada - Drums/Drummers in Jazz Music (ROM 20)
Closing Session 
19:30-20:30 Student Concert 
(Zaal Wyck) 

Click here to register for one of more Taster Days! 

If you are not available for either of these days, please send an email to irja.zeper@zuyd.nl to arrange another appointment. 

Keep an eye on our website and socials for other interesting events from all of our departments. When you want to see a students and teachers in action outside of the taster days, please note the following dates in your agenda: 

  • March 6, April 3, May 15 (All Star Jam Concerts) by CM teachers 
  • March 21 (Maastricht Jazz Awards) competition with CM students/alumni 
  • June 13-15 (Jazz Graduation Fest) final exams of CM students