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Opera 'Le Nozze di Figaro' - led by Federico Santi and conducting students

Classical Opera

ASTA Theater Beek - Markt 6a Beek





This edition of Mozart's classic puts the focus solely on the characters: Their relationships; their behind-the-back antics; how they fool each other to then be fooled themselves; hide-and-seek; secret rendezvous and disguise. Nothing is what it seems...
The colourful characters come to life in this cartoon-style stetting, on the setting, on the stage of ASTA Theater Beek, a first for Conservatorium Maastricht.
This production serves as the second year Master exam of students Mona Beyersdorf, Neele Jacobsen, and Eline Meijs.

Performance dates:
March 24, 2023 19:30  (general rehearsal)
March 25, 2023 19:30  (general rehearsal)
March 27, 2023 19:30 
March 28, 2023 19:30 

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About the Opera

Figaro and Susanna, Count Almaviva's servants, are preparing for their imminent wedding, when Susanna reveals that she is being pursued by the count.
Meanwhile, Bartolo and Marcellina are trying to hold Figaro to a promise he made to marry Marcellina if he failed to pay back a loan to her.
The page Cherubino tells Susanna of his love for the countess. At that moment, the count arrives.
Cherubino hides and overhears Almaviva's attempted seduction of Susanna. Don Basilio's arrival forces the count into hiding as well, which, in turn, forces Cherubino to move from his hiding place.
The indiscreet Basilio talks of the count's love for Susanna and of Cherubino's love for the countess. At that moment, the count arrives.

The countess, distressed by her husband's philandering, plots with Susanna to humiliate him: Susanna will write to the count, agreeing to a rendezvous, but they will send Cherubino in her place, dressed in women's clothes. As Cherubino is being disguised, the count arrives, and Cherubino is pushed into an adjoining closet.
The count, hearing noises, leaves to fetch tools with which to break open the door. In the meantime, Cherubino leaps out of the window while Susanna takes his place.
When the count returns and finds that it is Susanna in the closet, he is forced to apologize for his suspicions. To add to the confusion Figaro then arrives, then an irate gardener (Cherubino's leap has destroyed some plants), and finally Bartolo with Marcellina, who wants her claim on Figaro honoured.

Figaro tells Marcellina that he is of noble birth and cannot marry without his parents' consent. He reveals a birthmark on his arm, whereupon Marcellina realizes that she and Bartolo have found their long-lost son. They embrace just as Susanna enters. She is furious, but once the situation is explained, she joins in the celebration.
After the countess has dictated the note that Susanna is to pass to the Count, a double wedding is prepared - Susanna and Figaro being joined by Marcellina and Bartolo.

Figaro encounters Barbarina, the gardener's daughter, who inadvertently reveals that Susanna has received a message from the count. Figaro assumes the worst, and decides to catch his errant wife when she arrives for her tryst in the garden.
The countess and Susanna appear in each other's clothes (Susanna has now taken Cherubino's place in the subterfuge) and much mistaken identity ensues in the darkness.
Eventually Figaro realizes his wife is faithful and the count realizes he has been tricked. He begs for his wife's forgiveness, and receives it.

Le Nozze di Figaro
Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Arranged for chamber orchestra by Luciano Meloni

Artistic Team: 
Musical Director: Federico Santi
Stage Director: Nynke van den Bergh

Conte d’Almaviva: Fabio Soares / Juan Tello Soto
Contessa d’Almaviva: Eline Meijs /Miriam Rippel
Susanna: Neele Jacobsen / Mona Beyersdorf
Figaro: Galen Dole / Berend Stumphius
Cherubino: Romane Lambert / Andrea Palomo Alcántara
Marcellina: Rahel Erki / Adèle Sterck Filion
Don Bartolo: Jurģis Marcinkevičs / Josef Zetterberg
Don Basilio / Don Curzio: Pascal Franssen / Niël Stapelberg
Barbarina: Luna Gräfin von Hardenburg / Valérie Stammet
Antonio: Joshua Franken

Production Team: 
Assistant Conductors: Ceyda Ayanoglu / Luciano Meloni
Assistant Directors: Jeske de Haart / Luna Gräfin von Hardenburg
Pianists: Ariadna Ruiz / Jana Schell
Coaches: Jeremy Hulin / Abigail Richards
Production: Luke Mitchell
Light Design: Martin Jan Gaasbeek

Flute: Olga Ramón Chiquero
Oboe: Lior Halili
Clarinet: Gerard Romero Giralt
Bassoon: Denys Lysyj
Horns: Marina Mielgo and Paula Perera Soler
1st Violin: Ioanna Boultadaki
2nd Violin: Zowy Bahnen
Viola: Rene Cobben
Cello: Judit Díaz Alvarez

With special thanks To: 
Véronique Tollet
Barbara Haveman
Sanne Puijk
Lydia Kakopierou
Despina Louka

The European Opera Academy 

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