Giorgio Stienstra will compete for the Conservatorium Talent Award 2021

15 September 2021

Giorgio Stienstra, student of electric jazz bass at the Conservatory, will compete for the coveted Conservatorium Talent Award 2021 on October 30 at Podium Azijnfabriek. We wish you all the best of luck!

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Electronic Music Performance

1 July 2021

NEW Jazz study programme

Currently electronic musicians everywhere search for ways to include more live elements in their performances and Jazz musicians explore the possibilities of electronic music. 
The EMP (Electronic Music Performance) programme prepares the student to be successful at the junction of those two directions. 
The idea is to get the sound directly out of the head into songs and more importantly also on stage. Produce music on a professional level and then perform it, in new creative ways, with talented musicians. Enabled by all the possibilities that music technology offers. 

Congratulations José Angel Parces Quintet

14 June 2021

Congratulations José Angel Parces Quintet with the Honourable Mention on the Grachtenfestival Jazz Competition Finale!  As a result they will play a concert during this year’s opening of the Grachtenfestival! 


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