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Henrieke Herber - Besides teaching Italian also translator and writer of children's books

10 October 2023

Henrieke Herber, who teaches Italian to the Bachelor vocal students at Conservatorium Maastricht, once started out as a vocal student herself. Now, besides teaching Italian, she is a translator and children's book author.  
This year her first children's book Nadia's night was published, a read-aloud book for preschoolers about a girl and her two daddies.   
Nadia is five and has a goldfish, Mr Rosso. When she closes her eyes, Mr Rosso dances on the fountain in the garden, spaghetti grows in the meadow and knight Olivier rides his horse through the forest.  
There is a clear link to music in the various stories: Nadia's daddy Otto is a singer and the book is full of songs, including one about a dragon who loves parsnips. When Nadia sees Papa Otto suddenly being 'stabbed' during an opera performance, she storms onto the stage and intervenes. 
Nadia's night is available in bookshops.

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