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Main Subject

Bassoon t.b.a.
Cello t.b.a.
Choral Conducting t.b.a.
Clarinet 14-05-2024
Composition t.b.a.
Double Bass 21-05-2024 before 15:00
Flute 13-05-2024, till 11:30
Or 21-05 till 15.30u
French Horn t.b.a.
Guitar t.b.a.
Harp 28-05-2024
Oboe t.b.a.
Orchestral Conducting t.b.a.
Organ t.b.a.
Percussion t.b.a.

21-05-2024, from 10:00

Saxophone 29-05-2024
Theory of Music t.b.a.
Trombone / Tuba t.b.a.
Trumpet t.b.a.
Viola t.b.a.
Violin  t.b.a.
Vocal t.b.a.
Wind Band Conducting t.b.a.