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Jazz Piano at Junior Jazz Department / Side subject Piano / Workshops Keyboard

Mike Roelofs

Mike Roelofs is a versatile musician, entangled in the continuous exploration of his musical self. Instead of pigeonholing, he rather embraces the unknown and is eager to explore unconventional ways of playing to tell his story.

Mike received several awards including the Dutch Jazz Competition prize for best composition in 2008 during the North Sea Jazz Festival, the Glenn Corneille talent award and the Anne MG Schmidt award for the best Dutch theatre song in 2013. As a pianist, Mike is active all over Europe. Working with a vast number of bands such as Oppertunity for Unity Ensemble feat. Ra Kalam Bob Moses, Cargo Mas and ‘Colen, a birdseye view’ to name but a few. Mike also leads his own bands and released several albums containing original music of which the latest is called ‘Anaphora Diary’, released in 2020.

At the Maastricht conservatory, Mike teaches applied piano and gives workshops ‘applied modern keyboards’ for the Bachelor’s program. In addition he teaches ensemble and jazz piano for the Junior Jazz department.