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Organizational Connector Junior and Preparatory Class / Applied Piano

Rik Bastiaens

Classical / Junior Classical / General

Rik Bastiaens (born 1975) studied Organ with Dorthy de Rooij and Theory of Music at Conservatorium Maastricht. He continued his musical development by studying Composition and Conducting at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Belgium. He has been the organist of the Binvignat organ in the Mathias Church in Maastricht since he obtained his degree in Organ Teaching in 1997.

As theory teacher of the Junior Conservatorium Maastricht he develops teaching methods using improvisation, group dynamics and theory in practice. These classes aim for a practical application of theory, geared to the specific needs of the instrument. In the Master of Music programme, Rik Bastiaens works on the development of research in music, with the relationship between research, the main subject and the professional field being the key element. In this process, new modes of documentation and publication are explored in which the sounding result is essential as a tool of communication.