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Jazz Vocals

Susanne Schneider


Vocalist Susanne Schneider has been teaching at Conservatorium Maastricht since 2003 (main subject), and at the Hochschule für Musik und Tanz Köln since 1998 (main subject, vocal improvisation, teaching methodology).

She performs with her own bands and as a member and guest soloist in many different bands and projects, in musical styles ranging from classic and modern jazz to bossa nova & pop. She is regularly invited for radio, television and CD productions. With her own band, she has developed jazz versions of German songs from the last century.

She has performed with the Susanne Schneider Quartet, Duo Susanne Schneider & Dirk Bell (guitar), vocal group Five Pipes, WDR Big Band Cologne, SDR Big Band, Metropole Orchestra Radio Hilversum, Gregory Gaynair Trio, Steve Klink Trio, Martin Sasse, Hubert Nuss, Christoph Spendel, Paul Shigihara, Gunter Hampel & Marion Brown, Joachim Ullrich, Claudio Puntin, Lothar van Staa, Claudius Valk, Gerd Dudek, Dietmar Fuhr, Ingmar Heller, Martin Gjakonovski, Cologne Swing Trio, Greencard (pop), and many others.She is currently the singer of the HCC Big Band.

She studied at the Jazz department in Cologne with Rachel Gould & Billi Myer, Manfred Schoof, Jiggs Whigham and attended workshops / private lessons with, among others, Jay Clayton, Sheila Jordan, Norma Winston, Deborah Brown, Shelley Hirsch, Bob Stoloff, Darmon Meader (New York Voices), Norbert Gottschalk, Rhiannon, Eileen Fis, Dave Liebman, Lee Konitz, Clare Fischer, Ray Anderson and Bart van Lier. She continued her vocal technique studies with Functional Voice Training / Lichtenberg Method, Estill Voice Training System, Feldenkrais and 'Natural Voice' Types of Breathing – Vocal Training according to R. Schulze -Schindler.