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Chamber Music

Conservatorium Maastricht offers a Master of Music programme specifically for Chamber Music. In this programme you will have the chance to do a Master’s degree with your own chamber music ensemble. Based on the composition of the ensemble, we will compile a programme consisting of individual lessons with our instrumental main subject teachers, plus sessions with chamber music coaches. Apart from its own concert opportunities in festivals and concerts, Conservatorium Maastricht has also established a network of concert venues in the Euregion: the area where the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany meet.

Application is open to existing ensembles of up to five members. The application, however happens on individual basis. This means that every member of the ensemble should apply for the Chamber Music programme at Conservatorium Maastricht via

To be admitted as an ensemble, each of the members should be admissible to the Master’s programme individually. Therefore, the audition includes both an ensemble as well as an individual component.

If you have questions about our Master of Music Chamber Music, please contact Bram de Vree, Coordinator Chamber Music (

Before you apply


First round 

The audition consists of two rounds. For the first round, each of the members of the chamber music ensemble submits a portfolio in which the candidate describes his/her motivation and education and professional experience in the field of music. This portfolio also contains the links to the video recordings.  

For the first round, the candidates need to record 3 videos that contain:  

  • Video 1: A short introduction of him/herself in English: talk about your musical experiences, your motivation to study music, your main subject and why you choose to audition at Conservatorium Maastricht.  

  • Video 2: In the second video, the candidate demonstrates his/her artistic and technical skills. The video should be recorded in one take, without cuts or any edits.  The candidate should start by speaking their name and student number of Conservatorium Maastricht. The candidate may find the requirements for this video in the requirements for their instrument.  

  • Video 3: the ensemble records between 20 and 30 minutes of repertoire for their ensemble of their own choice or compiles a video of concert recordings. Preferably, the video contains repertoire of different style and character.  

The videos should be uploaded to an online platform such as or It is the candidate’s responsibility to make sure that the video links work.  

Second round  

The committee may decide to invite the ensemble or individual members of the ensemble for an in-person live audition at Conservatorium Maastricht. Additional repertoire requirements may be communicated by the committee.  

In the second round, all members are invited to an online interview with one of the Master Project Coaches. In this interview we discuss the candidate's motivation and experience in the field of research and cultural entrepreneurship. The Master Project Coach furthermore determines the level of English proficiency.