Main Subject Electronic Music Performance (EMP)

Frank Wienk


Dutch producer, multi-instrumentalist and composer BINKBEATS – real name Frank Wienk – has a consummate knack for translating organic sounds to the synthesis of electronic music. Wienk’s singular talents amassed both global renown and a passionate following with his Beats Unraveled video-series. Over the course of the decade, he developed his mastery of sound into a rapidly expanding vocabulary, churning out compositions that transcend the realms of IDM, jazz, hip-hop, classical, ambient pop, minimalism, and techno.

After developing an early interest in alternative rock and heavy metal, Wienk studied drums and percussion at the Royal Conservatoire of The Hague. Between semesters, he immersed himself in hip-hop and beat-making. By osmosis, his mushrooming talents as both multitasking live performer and hip-hop producer consolidated into BINKBEATS.
In 2018, BINKBEATS made his biggest strides yet as a musical powerhouse. After notable musical collaborations with Japanese beat-maestro DJ Krush, fresh Glassnote Records-entry Luwten and Brainfeeder-stalwart Jameszoo, BINKBEATS released part two of his Private Matter Previously Unavailable-trilogy. Additionally, he was handpicked by Oscar-winning director Roger Ross Williams from a long list of notable composers to score his documentary American Jail, which was shown in over forty countries worldwide.