Junior Classical Department

For young classical musicians (ages 10 - 18), Junior Conservatorium Maastricht offers the Junior Classical programme. In our network, this is also known as the Young Talent Class. Younger candidates may also be admitted if they are exceptionally talented.
The Junior Classical programme at Conservatorium Maastricht is an international programme aimed at promoting the development of passionate and talented classical musicians. Young musicians are brought together in an inspiring and challenging environment, which encourages and supports them in developing their talents to the full.
The curriculum, centred around instrumental and theory group lessons, can be customised to make it as effective as possible for each individual student. The students are tutored by experienced teachers at Conservatorium Maastricht who use their wealth of professional experience to benefit the musical and personal development of these young people.
The Junior Classical programme is based on close collaboration with teachers in the area and beyond. This collaboration with music schools, music societies, private tutors and concert venues allows Conservatorium Maastricht to contribute to the broader cultural development of talent in the region.

Junior Classical Curriculum
The Junior Classical curriculum consists of group lessons and individual main subject lessons.
The weekly group lessons of Junior Conservatorium Maastricht are taught in the main building of Conservatorium Maastricht on Saturdays from 10:00 – 14:00.
Individual lessons are scheduled in consultation with the relevant main subject teacher.

The theory group lessons are offered at beginner and advanced level. At beginner level, the lessons focus on learning the musical alphabet and understanding how the ingredients of music work together. The advanced-level lessons deal with the language of music, rhetoric, analysis, improvisation, composition, and their application.
For the instrumental group lessons, a division is made into pianists and non-pianists. The pianists work on the thorough development of their technique, learning to play and listen to each other, and improving their sight-reading skills. The non-pianists work on making music together, preparing for competitions, playing to each other and learning to give feedback.
Instrumental/vocal coaching playing with a regular pianist every week to gain more experience with this form of chamber music. 
Chamber music coaching working with a pianist and main subject teacher on performance, presentation and individual musical development. 
Individual main subject lessons working on the development of technical skills, interpretation, and the development of the student's musical vision.

We always try to offer tailor-made solutions, so each student is offered the right kind of support. 
All lessons are a combination of practice and theory.
The lessons are taught in English.

Apart from the weekly group lessons and individual main subject lessons, the programme includes joint project activities such as concert tours, masterclasses, concerts and benefit evenings. A new programme is prepared every year, based on the group of students participating.

The Junior Classical department also offers a scheme for young musicians from other countries who wish to take classes with one of the conservatoire's first-rate teachers. They are offered a tailor-made programme of individual main subject lessons, instrumental/vocal & chamber music coaching and concert venues.

Junior Classical - Meet the Team
Alejandro Serena Llinares (piano)
Rik Bastiaens (theory)
Boris Belkin (violin)
Robert Szreder (violin)
Piotr Jasiurkowski (violin)
Joop Celis (piano)
Jean-Pierre Cnoops (saxophone)
Paolo Borsarelli (double bass)
Leon Bosch (clarinet)
Will Sanders (horn)
Willy Bessems (horn)
Mark Haeldermans (percussion)
Vincent Cox (percussion)
Raymond Curfs (percussion)

Junior Classical Tuition Fee 
The core curriculum includes the weekly group lessons, joint project activities, instrumental/vocal coaching, chamber music coaching and the concerts. The stated prices are annual fees, payment in (5) instalments is possible.

Taster Classes
To experience what Junior Classical is like, you can join the lessons. If you are interested in these taster classes, please contact the coordinator of the Junior Classical programme: Alejandro Serena Llinares alejandro.serenalinares@zuyd.nl.

Contact or Questions
If you have any questions about Junior Classical specifically, please contact the coordinator of the Junior Classical programme: Alejandro Serena Llinares alejandro.serenalinares@zuyd.nl
For more information about Junior Conservatorium Maastricht, please contact the coordinator of Junior Conservatorium Maastricht: Renée Joosten renee.joosten@zuyd.nl

Applying and Auditioning for Junior Classical
The programme is open to young musicians (ages 10 - 18) playing any instrument offered within the classical music department. If you would like to join Junior Conservatorium Maastricht, you need to take an audition. The first stage of the audition involves submitting a video of you playing or singing. The second stage is a face-to-face audition day to assess your performance, ear and motivation. Please apply before 1 June 2021.
More information about the application procedure and admission requirements can be found here.

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