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Top Rated Programme 2018

The Jazz /Classical/ Music in Education programme of Conservatorium Maastricht has been acclaimed as one of the top degree programmes in the Netherlands and was rated number one within the music sector (source: Keuzegids Hoger Onderwijs 2018

Junior Conservatorium Maastricht

Conservatorium Maastricht cherishes its classical and jazz talents.

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Roeland Hendrikx (clarinet) releases new CD

For more info, visit Roeland Hendrikx Ensemble

Published on 3/1/2018


Success for our students at Prinses Christina Concours

Prinses Christina Concours winners; Congratulations to all!

1st prize: Romano Diederen, trumpet (17 years, Puth)
2nd prize: Anna Michels, piano (19 years, Maastricht)
1st prize: Huayu Gu, piano (9 years, Roermond) (preparation for the talentclass)

Honorable mentions were awarded to students of the talentclass: Thibaud Maesen, cello (16 years, Zutendaal) and Lisa Schiffler, trumpet (17 years, Sittard).

Published on 2/26/2018


Mimi Jung wins 1st violin tutti place at Antwerp Symphony Orchestra

On Monday 19 February, Mimi Jung won the audition for 1st Violin tutti place at Antwerp Symphony Orchestra out of 27 candidates.

Published on 2/21/2018