Meet people from around the globe as Conservatorium Maastricht is the most international conservatory in Europe. 56 countries are represented in our community. 75% of our students are international and many projects, masterclasses, and programmes are without borders.



We challenge you! Get out of your comfort zone, spark your imagination, and develop your own individual sound. The ability to see beyond your own boundaries, to let go and then regain control. Masterclasses, individual lessons, special programmes, concerts, and gigs. How do you want to move?



We work towards one common goal: to enable our students to develop into excellent musicians whose energy and creativity offer a valuable contribution to music and society on an international level.



The city's bustling student life mainly takes place in the historic centre of Maastricht, where the living is good. Where many cultural events and activities take place throughout the year. Where you are a stone's throw away from Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and France.

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Marc Schafer - Grundlagen der Oboentechnik

Marc Schaeferdiek, our lecture Classical Oboe, wrote a new book! The book "Basic Technique for Oboe Vol. 2" is aimed at students, professionals and also advanced students.

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Proud of our fantastic teacher Elisabeth Dumont,

Proud of our fantastic teacher Elisabeth Dumont, she was the first to research the effect of special music education on the functioning of children from six to nine years old. Today she defended her thesis at Maastricht University!  Read more



Joep van leeuwen at RTV Maastricht

In this episode of RTV Maastricht we see Joep van Leeuwen and his International Jazz Trio The Way Back. Joep van Leeuwen has been teaching jazz at the conservatory for 35 years!

Published 28-11-2020




Hans Leenders new main subject teacher Choral conducting

Starting from September 2021, Hans Leenders will be the new main subject teacher Choral Conducting. Leenders will fulfill this in addition to his role as subject teacher of Organ. With his versatile experience as a teacher, musician, conductor and composer, Conservatorium Maastricht is very pleased with this news.