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Webinar: 'Corona Conversations – Challenges for Higher Music Education'.

Yesterday, the webinar 'Corona Conversations - Challenges for Higher Music Education' took place.


Conservatorium Maastricht has a partnership with Maastricht University and philharmonie zuidnederland through the Maastricht Centre for the Innovation of Classical Music MCICM. The focus of this collaboration is innovative practices in and beyond classical music, which are explored through research and experimentation. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, the MCICM is now producing a series of webinars for an international audience in higher music education, music management, research and practice.


This edition is titled “Corona Conversations – Challenges for Higher Music Education”. Corona poses enormous challenges for both, the music sector and higher music education institutions. Yet Conservatories have the great responsibility to educate future musicians and educators for the very future societies and music markets, past Corona. How can Conservatories overcome the current challenges? What does need to change to meet the demands of the musical world past Corona? Which opportunities does this crisis open up to improve Conservatory education beyond Corona?


These topics will be discussed by a range of international panellists

·         Joyce Griggs, Executive Vice President and Provost, Manhattan School of Music

·         Stefan Gies, Chief Executive of the AEC (Association Européenne des Conservatoires, Académies de Musique et Musikhochschulen)

·         Falk Hübner, head of the research group Music and Performativity at HKU Utrechts Conservatory

·         Edo Righini, Dean of Jazz, Pop, AEMA and Composing for Film, Director of CvA Online


We also include our recent alumni Vicky Sapuna and current student Nair Gimenez: “I am happy to moderate this conversation trusting that it will bring inspiration to our practice and development during Corona-times, while we are still in midst of a very challenging journey ourselves”.


Possibility to get a PhD in the Arts

Zuyd Hogeschool, Maastricht University and the Jan van Eyck Academie joined forces to create the possibility to get a PhD in the Arts. MERIAN (the Maastricht Experimental Research In and through the Arts Network) will be launched in the upcoming academic year and the PhD students focus their artistic research on the art and science of the collaborating academia in the area and the relevance for the Euregion. 
To obtain a doctoral degree, PhD candidates, must conduct an artistic research, write a thesis and defend it before a committee. They must combine art and science. The research mainly focuses on current urgent matters and social issues that are relevant to the location of the part-taking educational institutes in the Euregion. 
Doctoral students from all art and scientific disciplines can conduct PhD research in MEDIAN style in "Maastricht style". This "Maastricht style" is problem-based, methodologically innovative and focuses on interdisciplinary themes that consists of using both art and science.

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Published 25-06-2020


Beautiful jazz performance for the elderly at the Kommelkwartier

Throwback to this beautiful performance for the elderly at the Kommelkwartier. Pierre Vyncke and Peter Willems played a couple of jazzy tunes for a big group of older people in the neighborhood so that they can still enjoy live performances in a safe way! 

Published 24-06-2020


Conservatorium Maastricht presents: The Seal Lullaby

Distance can't stop our students from making music together online. More than 40 students from Conservatorium Maastricht joined forces and recorded themselves performing this music piece composed by Eric Whitacre. In these trying times, our goal is to bring more positivity and joy to the world. Big thanks to all the students and staff who have participated in this beautiful piece!

Published 04-06-2020