Meet people from around the globe as Conservatorium Maastricht is the most international conservatory in Europe. 56 countries are represented in our community. 75% of our students are international and many projects, masterclasses, and programmes are without borders.



We challenge you! Get out of your comfort zone, spark your imagination, and develop your own individual sound. The ability to see beyond your own boundaries, to let go and then regain control. Masterclasses, individual lessons, special programmes, concerts, and gigs. How do you want to move?



We work towards one common goal: to enable our students to develop into excellent musicians whose energy and creativity offer a valuable contribution to music and society on an international level.



The city's bustling student life mainly takes place in the historic centre of Maastricht, where the living is good. Where many cultural events and activities take place throughout the year. Where you are a stone's throw away from Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, and France.

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Young talent student Guillaume Strijdhagen (Percussionist) in the final of the Princess Christina Classical Competition

Young talent student Guillaume Strijdhagen (Percussionist) in the final of the Princess Christina Classical Competition. Congratulations!



Huayu Gu wins the first prize of the Prinses Christina Concours!

We are so proud of our young student Huayu Gu! She won the first prize of the Prinses Christina Concours! We look forward to hearing from you in the future.

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Congratulations to Akari Bastiaens 1st prize Cantabile Piano Competition

Congratulations to Akari Bastiaens, our young talented piano student.  She won the 1st prize of the Cantabile Piano Competition!
We look forward to seeing more from her in the future.

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Published 1-10-2020


Smoking at Zuyd?

Did you know that from 1 August 2020 it will be forbidden to smoke in and around the buildings of Zuyd University of Applied Sciences? As of August 1st 2020 an amendment has been included in the Tobacco Act that smoking is no longer allowed inside and outside all educational institutions in the Netherlands. This measure applies to primary schools, secondary schools, institutes of higher professional education (MBO- and HBO) and universities.
Why a ban on smoking?
As many young people smoke their first cigarette at school, the government wants to reduce these numbers. Young people are sensitive to the exemplary behavior of people around them. A smoke-free schoolyard sets a norm that smoking is not normal.

Questions about quitting smoking?  If so, please contact the Prevention Centre:

Published 27-08-2020